How to find a suitable dog?

Questions you can ask yourself when searching for the right dog

Fill in this questionnaire and go with it to your veterinarian, to go over together which dog would best suit you and your family or living situation. Print here the questionnaire

Questions you can ask yourself when searching for the right dog. Fill in this questionnaire and go with it to your veterinarian. Together you can find out which dog suits your family and living situation best.  

Function dog:
O company O watchdog O dog sport O hunting dog O to play and walk O other

Size dog:
O small O medium O large

Sex dog:
O male O bitch O no preference

Age dog:
O puppy O adult O older dog O no preference

Pedigree dog/ crossbred:
O pedigree dog O crossbred O no preference

Coat type dog:
O long-haired O short-haired O wirehaired O no preference

May the dog lose hair?
O yes O no

Are there family members who are allergic to dogs?
O yes O no

How often do you want to walk your dog?
O several times a day O once a day O several times a week O once a week O less than once a week O less than once a month

Living situation dog:
O only in the house O only inside sometimes outside O only outside sometimes inside but especially outside O other kind of

O short O 1-5 km a time O more than 5 km a time

Character dog:
O stubborn O strong O social O child friendly O affectionate O appetite for work O active O independent O focused on 1 boss O intelligent O other:…………………

What kind of boss are you?
O I like to spoil my dog. O My dog has to listen but I am not always consistent. O A dog should always listen and know clearly that I am the boss.

What does your home situation look like?
O apartment/small house without garden O small (fenced) garden O large (fenced) garden O dog run/outdoor kennel

How much time do you want to spend educating and training your dog?
O My dog needs to fit into my family and living situation and I want to raise him as such. O I would like to attend dog school and train with my dog. O I do not have much time for my dog’s education/training.

How long should your dog be able to stay alone?  
O rarely/never O max 3 hours O max 6 hours O longer than 6 hours

How much experience do you have with dogs?
O little/no O much

How much money do you want to spend on your dog?
O little O doesn’t matter

Remember that a dog costs money. A large dog costs more than a small one. Take the following into account: purchase price, food, accessories (basket, harness, leash, toys, …), coat care, veterinarian, medication, dog pension, fence / kennel, education / training lessons, insurance, …