Trustworthy Breeder

  • At a good breeder, puppies are being held inside the household circle (important to start socializing)
  • The puppies have access to toys, are accustomed to people and being touched, used to standard household noise and sometimes even familiar with a puppy run or kennel (important to start socializing)
  • During your visit at a trustworthy breeder you see and feel that puppy wellbeing is important and ample time is spent with the puppies
  • The breeder will be able to tell you about the different characters and behaviours, which puppy might fit best with you, your expectations and lifestyle
  • Puppies that look alike, same fur colour, are identified by means of coloured small collars or ribbons
  • The puppies look healthy, are playful and energetic, and do not react overly anxious or stressed during the visit
  • You preferably get to meet the mother dog, she needs to look healthy and calm, and relaxed when around the breeder
  • The puppies get chipped, registered and vaccinated, and have an official passport