How to select a breeder?

Dear dog friend,

Thank you very much for trusting your local vet. We’d like to help you in searching a nice, healthy, fit dog. That’s why we ask you to fill in questionnaire below and don’t act impulsive in purchasing a lovely dog friend.

It takes some work and attention in advance, but your dog will be grateful to you for the rest of his life!

  • The more good (green) answers you can give, the bigger the chance you get to select a good and reliable breeder.
  • Are you coming across some red answers? Beware. In case of some unanswered questions or red answers, we advise you to discuss the purchase with your vet. This may be hard while visiting a dog, but in the long run it will be the best for both human and animal.

So, be alert and (together with your housemates, especially children!) prepared!

Good luck! Print the questionnaire below

Questions to ask yourself in search of the right breeder
Before you see a puppy:
I asked my vet information before buying a puppy
I already chose the breed
I chose a breed and discussed it with my vet
How many breeds does the breeder sell?
Is the puppy environment looking like a home or a shop?
Can you get a look at the environment of the bitch with her puppies?
Does the breeder take a pup to the showroom and doesn’t allow you to see the puppy’s environment?
An informative conversation (is not the same as a conversation at purchase):
I got to see the bleu passport of the right pup.
In this passport, I could see the first vaccination was given in the country of birth. There is a date, a signature and a stamp of the vet next to the vaccine label.
The breeder proposed to buy another breed. In this case reconnect with your vet.
The breeder agrees it’s a good practice to have the pup checked up at your vet.
You are free to choose your vet. The breeder doesn’t influence your choice.
Ask to see all the puppies, judge them in their environment without interfering:
Is the bitch present?
Would you like your future dog to have the same behaviour of the mother?
Have the pups been raised in a domestic environment?
Does the breeder try to socialize the pups? Do you get clear information about this?
Are all dogs (bitch and puppies) lively?
Do you hear any of the pups coughing?
Do you see nasal discharge in or more pups? Does any pup have wet, dirty eyes?
Can you see any sign of diarrhoea?
Do the pups scratch?
Do you get to choose the pup you want? After conversation with your vet: the boldest, the normal attentive pup or the ‘underdog’? The breeder cannot force a pup on you.
Look at your own puppy
Can you pick up the puppy without a struggle?
Do the teeth fit well on each other?
Are the pup’s eyes, ears and nose clean?
Is the fur clean? Bald spot, wounds, flakes or parasites should not be present
Is the anal area clean?
Does the pup have diarrhoea?
In a male puppy: are both testicles present? Ask the breeder to show it!
Before paying!
Does the passport match your pup? You should get the passport immediately at purchase. If the passport is switched, go back to the questions about the passport and be on guard!
Do you get a proof of purchase?
Does the breeder want you to sell other necessities (e.g. toys, shampoo, dog bed, blankets, food, …)?
Did you pay for the pup only, no extra necessities?
Does the breeder give you a good feeling?
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