• Those who would like a new dog, start by thinking about the choice of dog: which breed suits me, which character am I looking for in my dog, …

We as veterinarians like to put you on the right track from the start!

Under the heading ‘Which dog suits me?’ you will therefore find a questionnaire that can help you make a good choice.

We recommend that you complete the questionnaire together with your housemates and take it to your vet. He or she knows many different dogs from daily practice and can certainly give extra advice during the selection process (which breed, choice for a puppy or rather an adult dog, possible educational challenges, …).

You do that? Then you immediately earn the first half of your reward!

  • Once you have made your choice, the search for a good and reliable breeder follows.

We are also happy to assist you in this. Also under the heading ‘breeders checklist’ you will find a list of security questions to bring with you during your visit to potential breeders.

Can you give a ‘green’ answer to all questions? Then you ended up with a good and reliable breeder, and we look forward to meeting you in practice with the new dog.

On the other hand, do many questions remain unanswered or do the answers get a ‘red color’? Then it is best to continue looking, or we will search together, and we will gladly go with you to another breeder.

In both cases, we would like to reward your responsible way of purchasing a new dog with the second part of the reward!